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[0]LPA NameSpelthorne (External Website)
[0]Alternative (AKA) Spelthorne / Spelthorne Borough Council / Spelthorne District (B) / Spelthorne District
[0]LocationTW181XB , England
[0]Recorded Masts346
[0]Coverage MapCoverage Map on LoS from Applications
[0]Number Of Applications Mapped118 planning applications (93 telecoms / 25 non telecoms)
[0]Number Of Applications Not Mapped0 planning applications (0 telecoms / 0 non telecoms)
[0]Number Of Applications Excluded1 planning applications (1 telecoms / 0 non telecoms)
 LPA RefDateProposalAddressLoS
18/00713/T5601/01/2018Laleham Nurseries, Shepperton Road, Shepperton,...Preliminary enquiry relating to electronic comm...
18/00432/T5601/01/2018Grass Verge Opposite, The Parade At Junction Of...Installation of a 17.5m Shrouded High Jupiter S... 90km²
17/00251/T5601/01/2017Highway Verge On, Land Opposite 272, Upper Hall...Installation of a 15m high telecommunications m... 93km²
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