Mobile Mast 52021 - BARNCROFT TOWERS - Address / Site Details

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Ref 52021
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Type1 rt
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Map Ref         MtrNearest 3 Mobile Phone Masts (extended list with login)DescriptionLOS
Map Three LS0399 78Three Site, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS141HBThree UMTS Sectored LOS
Map EE (T-Mobile) 55007 78T-Mobile Site, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS141HBT-Mobile UMTS SECTOR LOS
Map Vodafone (VF) 3419 191SEACROFT BLOCK 2, Seacroft Block 2, Seacroft Gate, LEEDS, West Yorkshire, LS146LW, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS146LWVodafone UMTS Macro LOS
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