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 mcc mnclaccidΣ mtrTX DateData TypeTechAvgPwrAvgPwrMinPwrMaxPwrlac/cid
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)117018247296 3 1222/02/2020 00:22:00Mastdata App Datalte-116-112-110-11611701/8247296
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)1715228415342 5 1822/02/2020 00:22:00Mastdata App Datalte-115-109-102-11517152/28415342
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)117018481793 5 2022/02/2020 00:33:00Mastdata App Datalte-121-114-107-12111701/8481793
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)12722799873 4 2121/02/2020 23:39:00Mastdata App Datalte-114-109-104-1141272/2799873
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10) 56 2202/12/2019 19:20:00Other Location Data602   
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)117017948289 1 2608/02/2020 19:06:00Mastdata App Datalte-101-101-101-10111701/7948289
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)62802799879 2 2922/02/2020 03:49:00Mastdata App Datalte-111-107-104-1116280/2799879
gb (234) Vodafone(15)247272815242 4 3019/02/2020 14:49:00Mastdata App Datalte-113-103-94-11324727/2815242
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)117018247299 1 3827/01/2020 07:13:00Mastdata App Datalte-112-112-112-11211701/8247299
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)231764602 3 3921/02/2020 15:07:00Mastdata App Datagsm-85-80-77-852317/64602

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