Mobile Mast 8562 - 196 stoke newington high street n16 - Address / Site Details

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Ref 8562
CTIL 141353
CTIL2 14135321
MSO Name Nat West
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Site Status Transmitting
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Description O2 GSM Sectored
Location Good Accuracy (Direct user Entry)
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Map O2 (TEF) 85327 0Replc-CSR-8562-196 Stoke Newington High Street N16, Hackney, London NE,   LOS
Map O2 (TEF) 32639 8Nat West, Provider:CTIL / Proposed LOS
Map O2 (TEF) 43954 VF 78551 114stoke newington high street, Lawrence Building (2) - Leswin Road - , STOKE NEWINGTON, London NE, N16 7LG  LOS
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 RefLink TypeSite TypeNameChild SitesDescriptionWork Count
8562ChildO2 (TEF)Natwest196 stoke newington high street n16, Natwest - 196 Stoke Newington High St - Stoke Newington, , LONDON, City of London, N16 7JDProvider:CTIL / Site Built0
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