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 Data TypeValue
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Ref 56494
Coverage Map Line of Sight Polar Diagram - Approx 31km2 (Batch 2)
A>B Line of site Line of site to 298 other masts (Batch 305)
Mcc/Mnc 234/15 Vodafone
Nearest LAC/CID 24616/901918
Nearest LAC/CID 304/13456
Nearest LAC/CID 304/13457
Nearest LAC/CID 304/8023
Nearest LAC/CID 304/13455
Nearest LAC/CID 8/47443785
Data Source + Login Required
Site Status Transmitting
Type1 Picocell
Superseded Sites 1 superseded sites [Login reqd to view details]
Location Poor Accuracy (Unknown)
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Map Ref         MtrNearest 3 Mobile Phone Masts (extended list with login)DescriptionA>BLoS
Map CTIL (VF+O2) 147048 0REDHILL VRS, REDHILL VRS, RH1 1SAProvider:CTIL / Site Built 90.00000 31km²
Map Vodafone (VF) 33392 39THE BELFRY SHOPPING CENTRE, Station Road, REDHILL, Unknown, RH1 1ST, Redhill, Surrey, RH11ST  90.00000 33km²
Map Joint Venture (O2) 8451 008451 509-13 HIGH STREET RH1, Boots9-13 High St,Redhill, RH1 1RD  90.00000 31km²

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 mcc mnclaccidΣ mtrTX DateData TypeTechAvgPwrAvgPwrMinPwrMaxPwrlac/cid
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)14496128683886 1 4313/03/2016 09:40:00Global Tx DataLTE000014496/128683886
gb (234) Vodafone(15)5507405058 1 4313/04/2017 06:47:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000550/7405058
gb (234) Vodafone(15)246151113106 1 6724/03/2016 09:33:00Global Tx DataLTE000024615/1113106
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)210291914858 1 6819/08/2014 07:39:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021029/1914858
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)105948035329 1 10907/06/2016 08:05:00Global Tx DataLTE000010594/8035329
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)210291927647 1 13916/08/2015 16:25:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021029/1927647
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)10599276699 1 13902/01/2016 14:16:00Global Tx DataUMTS00001059/9276699
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)10599282676 1 13912/11/2015 20:41:00Global Tx DataUMTS00001059/9282676
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)210291918855 1 15007/12/2014 22:29:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021029/1918855
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)1710426653560 1 17624/03/2016 20:32:00Global Tx DataLTE000017104/26653560

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 RefLink TypeSite TypeNameChild SitesDescriptionWork Count
56494ChildVodafone (VF)Redhill VRSRedhill VRS 0

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