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Map Ref         MtrNearest 3 Mobile Phone Masts (extended list with login)DescriptionA>BLoS
Map Three WF0182 0Three Site, Pontefract, South Yorkshire, WF77JNThree UMTS Sectored 90.00000 56km²
Map EE (T-Mobile) 75068 0T-Mobile Site, Pontefract, South Yorkshire, WF77JNT-Mobile GSM SECTOR 90.00000 56km²
Map MBNL (EE+Three) 75068 0ACKWORTH CRICKET CLUB - SW, Ackworth Cricket Club Wakefield Road (on Doncaster Rd) Rear Of Boot & Shoe Public House PONTEFRACT WEST YORKSHIRE, WF7 7JNProvider:EE / Site Built 90.00000 62km²

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 mcc mnclaccidΣ mtrTX DateData TypeTechAvgPwrAvgPwrMinPwrMaxPwrlac/cid
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)2193661366114 1 14511/03/2017 16:12:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021936/61366114
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)2189061364306 1 19017/10/2015 15:19:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021890/61364306
gb (234) Vodafone(15)98061406929 1 20221/03/2016 17:28:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000980/61406929
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./Orange(33)3313217167542 1 21125/03/2016 02:16:00Global Tx DataUMTS00003313/217167542
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)101913665 1 25124/03/2016 13:42:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000101/913665
gb (234) Vodafone(15)98061404829 1 26004/04/2017 05:37:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000980/61404829
gb (234) Vodafone(15)98061406696 1 29221/03/2016 17:28:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000980/61406696
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)1019889002 1 30824/03/2016 13:42:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000101/9889002
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)86745068 1 32009/03/2015 03:18:00Global Tx DataGSM0000867/45068
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)11599851518 1 33205/04/2016 09:12:00Global Tx DataUMTS00001159/9851518

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