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Map Ref         MtrNearest 3 Mobile Phone Masts (extended list with login)DescriptionA>BLoS
Map O2 (TEF) 1921 VF 77320 0stoke newington, 31-66 Lister Court - Yoakley Rd - , STOKE NEWINGTON, City of London, N16 0BEO2 UMTS Sectored No Los 75km²
Map Vodafone (VF) 77320 TF 1921 731-63 Lister Court, Hackney, London NE  No Los 48km²

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 mcc mnclaccidΣ mtrTX DateData TypeTechAvgPwrAvgPwrMinPwrMaxPwrlac/cid
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)118615490379 1 2621/03/2016 16:11:00Global Tx DataUMTS00001186/15490379
gb (234) Vodafone(15)16221672 1 2811/04/2011 03:43:00Global Tx DataGSM0000162/21672
gb (234) BT Group(76) 1 4429/10/2019 18:22:00Other Location Data603   
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10) 31 9319/12/2019 09:16:00Other Location Data603   
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)9660262258820 1 12316/04/2016 20:26:00Global Tx DataUMTS00009660/262258820
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)122615483283 1 14715/12/2015 15:18:00Global Tx DataUMTS00001226/15483283
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)14990624 1 16724/09/2017 20:07:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000149/90624
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)3915525353 1 17620/11/2015 11:17:00Global Tx DataUMTS000039/15525353
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)945615490379 1 17627/03/2016 00:04:00Global Tx DataUMTS00009456/15490379
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./T-Mobile(30)118615529086 1 17621/03/2016 16:11:00Global Tx DataUMTS00001186/15529086

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 RefLink TypeSite TypeNameChild SitesDescriptionWork Count
1921ParentO2 (TEF)stoke newington31-66 Lister Court, Yoakley Rd, N16 0BEO2 UMTS Sectored3

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