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Map Ref         MtrNearest 3 Mobile Phone Masts (extended list with login)DescriptionA>BLoS
Map Three CO0135 1Three Site, Colchester, Suffolk, CO35LTThree UMTS Sectored 90.00000 118km²
Map EE (Orange) ESX0154 6Orange Site, Colchester, Suffolk, CO35LTOrange UMTS SECTOR 90.00000 123km²
Map Vodafone (VF) 723 TF 70345 6SEVEN ARCHES FARM, SEVEN ARCHES FARM, MARKS TEY, Essex, CO6 3QL, Colchester, Suffolk, CO35LTVodafone UMTS Macro 90.00000 106km²

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 mcc mnclaccidΣ mtrTX DateData TypeTechAvgPwrAvgPwrMinPwrMaxPwrlac/cid
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)210402648735 1 8527/06/2015 14:28:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021040/2648735
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)320762648735 1 8519/08/2014 07:37:00Global Tx DataUMTS000032076/2648735
gb (234) Vodafone(15)88043777385 1 10822/03/2016 03:40:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000880/43777385
gb (234) Everyth. Ev.wh./Orange(33)6412975 1 10924/09/2011 14:46:00Global Tx DataGSM000064/12975
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)210402644256 1 11911/07/2015 17:07:00Global Tx DataUMTS000021040/2644256
gb (234) Vodafone(15)88043772489 1 16105/08/2018 08:32:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000880/43772489
gb (234) Vodafone(15)88043772466 1 23501/10/2018 21:32:00Global Tx DataUMTS0000880/43772466
gb (234) H3G Hutchinson(20)1293786689 1 23629/09/2015 21:20:00Global Tx DataLTE00001293/786689
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)320762644256 1 25219/08/2014 07:37:00Global Tx DataUMTS000032076/2644256
gb (234) O2 Ltd.(10)8270131470366 1 30120/01/2017 05:10:00Global Tx DataLTE00008270/131470366

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