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  Licencing and Pricing
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1.Applying for a licence
1.1How do I apply for a licence to use mastdata.com without any restrictions?
1.2Please apply for a free trial on the following link. When your trial period is ending, you will be prompted to apply for a licence.
2.Payment of Licence
2.1Can I pay the licence by BACS?
2.2Yes, please contact us and we will invoice you. Payment can also be made online through this website using a credit or debit card.
3.License Benefits
3.1What are the benefits of obtaining a licence?
3.2License Benefits Include:
3.3General Benefits
3.3.01Unlimited and extended searches
3.3.02View 100 masts for nearby sites (currently limited to 3 sites)
3.3.03View additional site information where available
3.3.04Map 1000 Nearby Sites by location (currently Limited to 100)
3.3.05Add new Sites for immediate inclusion
3.3.06Add offered sites and locations for potential future installations
3.3.07Recently visited sites - List
3.3.08Recently visited sites - Map
3.3.09Live Repositioning of Existing Mast Data
3.3.1Elevation and Line of Sight (LOS) Between Masts
3.4Access to Line of Sight Tools (Click More for Examples)
3.4.1Single Site Line Of Sight by Operator
3.4.2Localised Multi Site Line of Sight by Operator (Example EE)
3.4.3Localised Multi Site Line of Sight by Multiple Operators
3.4.4Localised Multi Site Not Spot Identification by Operator (Example Three)
3.4.5Localised Multi Site Not Spot Identification by Multiple Operators
4.Licence Pricing
4.1Please state costs for licence?
4.2Please see the following link that provides all the pricing details. We will contact you when you trial period is over so you can choose to subscribe to our service.
5.Multiple Users
5.1Can we subscribe for multiple users?
5.2Yes, multiple users are available with a corporate licence, but not a Private or Sole Trader licence. Each user will need a separate login.
6.ATLAS Software
6.1We are using ATLAS software - is this service included?
6.2Yes - this site is integrated and included with your ATLAS Software licence
7.IP Quota Exceeded
7.1I am receiving a message "Your IP Quota has been exceeded - please contact us to request a login to continue" Why is this?
7.2This site is free for a limited number of enquiries. If you need prolonged access we ask that you obtain a licence. If you think the quota has been applied incorrectly, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
8.License Refusal
8.1Can a licence application be refused?
8.2Yes, we may refuse licence applications from private email addresses (hotmail, Gmail) and from companies that do not have a supporting interest in the UK telecoms industry. We will also refuse a Sole Trader/Private licence when made on behalf of a limited company. Please apply from your company domain email to assist.
9.Adding Users to an Existing Licence
9.1Can we add users ourselves within a group licence?
9.2Yes, you can add users using our user management Module with a corporate licence, but not a Private or Sole Trader licence. Please contact us to upgrade.
10.Private (Sole Trader) vs. Corporate Licence
10.1We currently have a trial membership on your website. Can you please explain the differences and benefits between a sole-trader/private use and a corporate membership. So we can make sure we choose the membership that best suits us.
10.2Private and Sole Trader subscriptions are for non-Incorporated companies, and are limited to a single login. This is suitable for a single rigger or surveyor for example. A Ltd Company will need a corporate licence. This licence provides 3 separate logins by default. The functionality of the site is identical in every other respect.
11.Division of a larger company?
11.1I work alone on a telecoms project as part of a larger firm - can we apply for a Sole Trader Licence?
11.2This may be possible - please contact us first to clarify
12.Devices and Locations
12.1Is a user licence restricted to one device/location. As we have some users have move around a lot and use different pool machines.
12.2There is no device or location restriction. We do have an IP quota restriction which is obviously affected by location, but this is overridden with a valid login.
13.Fair Usage Policy
13.1What happens if we hit the Fair Usage Limit?
13.2Under normal circumstances you Licence will not reach the fair usage limits which are generous. The limit is in place to bring Mast Data into alignment with the third party services on our website which are charged to us on a per click basis. If your Licence exceeds, or reaches the limit please contact us to discuss how we can assist.
14.Page Hit / Page View Definition
14.1How Do you define a Page Hit?
14.2A Page Hit, pageview or page view, is a request to load any single HTML file (web page) on our site. A new hit is incurred by clicking on a link on another "page" pointing to the page in question, or reloading the current web page. A new hit is NOT incurred while browsing within a map when loaded.
15.Additional Services
15.1Do You provide Bespoke Data sets and LoS Anaysis?
15.2Yes, please click here for other Services
16.Mastdata Mobile App
16.1Does a licence include access to the Mastdata Android App?
16.2Yes, for more information and to download the App, click here
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