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1.County Search
1.1When I search on a county, some site in the county are not shown
1.2A County Search will locate on the centre of the county and site will radiate out from there. This is limited without a user licence
2.Adding Sites
2.1The Site I am looking for is not listed - can I add it?
2.2Yes - A licensed user can add a site for immediate inclusion. Bulk list Inserts can also be submitted to us for inclusion.
3.Popular Sites
3.1Can you advise which sites have the most enquiries?
3.2The top 50 most popular sites are on list link
4.Child/Parent Sites
4.1What is a Child Site?
4.2A Child site is a site that has been superseded by another site. Examples of child sites include:
4.2.1A Duplicate Record - this is the primary reason
4.2.2A site-share that has been decommissioned
5.1Does your site include all the sites from the Ofcom Sitefinder Website?
5.2Yes, all these sites are included. Many of the locations have been corrected.
6.Coverage and Not-Spots
6.1Does your site identify Not Spots and coverage holes?
6.2Yes - please see our article which covers Line of Sight and Not Spot Identification. Please see the sample screenshots from this module.More
10.Freedom Of Information
10.1Are you subject to freedom of infomation Requests under UK Law?
10.2No, we are not. Please see the linked article for more information
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