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1.User Feedback
1.1Below is the responce to feedback supplied in Novermber and December 2016
2.Detailed Feedback
2.1"Great site, very helpfull" - Vilicom
2.2"I have found it most useful as it is impartial" - Vodafone
2.3"Very good site with up to date info. Blessing after ofcom site closed down" - At Plant Hire Uk Ltd
2.4 "Site is very useful and easy to use" - BT
2.5"The Site is very usefull in helping me look for possible new sites to place our transmitters for the new government 700MHz project" - ARQIVA
2.6"The website is both accurate but in the case where there is a discrepancy on location this is easily remedied" - GVA
2.7"Great resource - we use this to find masts for 4G broadband" - Digital Living Solutions Ltd
2.8"We used to use sitefinder, this website is just as good if not better" - Savills Telecom
2.9"Excellent site. Very easy to use" - Nationwide Platforms
2.10"Brilliant website- thanks"
2.11"All good and better than ofcom site finder"
2.12"Many thanks for showing the mast locations for all operators, to find out how to get good reception in rural areas. Keep up the good work"
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