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  Line of Site and Not Spot Identification
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.Line Of Sight Module
1.2We provide an independent line of sight (LoS) module for any mast, or combination of masts.
2.Single Site LoS Coverage
2.1Single Site LoS Coverage Description
2.2Click here to view a single sight LoS example
3.A>B Line of Sight Between Multiple Existing Masts
3.1Suitable for Dish links
3.2Click here to view an A>B Line of Sight example
4.A>B Line of Sight Elevation Between 2 Existing Masts
4.1Detailed analysis of ground elevation between 2 existing masts
4.2Click here to view an A>B Line of Sight Elevation example
102.Line of Sight Combination and Overlays
102.1Basic line of sight (LOS) from a single mast
102.2Single site line of sight overlaid with multiple operators
102.3Multiple mast line of site for a single operator overlaid with mast locations
102.4Network Planning: The line of sight if all BT Exchanges construct masts at 20m
102.5Potential "Not Spot" identification across single or multiple operators
104.Sample Screenshots
104.1Samples of the Line of Sight Module
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