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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.1Instructions for downloading. You will require Android 7.0 or higher on your mobile device. We currently do not support IOS.
1.2You will need a Mast Data account to view data collected by the application. If you do not have an account you can create one here
2.Downloading the BETA version of the app
2.1Go to on your mobile device and sign in
2.2Click here to download the latestet BETA Version
3.Viewing sites and collecting coverage data
3.1Run the mastdata application on your android device
3.2Login using your mastdata username and password
3.3Enter a location to view masts at a specific location
3.4Use the arrow key on the map screen to centre on your current location
3.4Your device will then be collecting phone signals from your operator. This data can be viewed by you on the website.
3.5Please click on the mast icon to access further information
3.6To stop recording your data you can click on the privacy button at the bottom left of your screen.
3.7Your device will only collect data when you have opened our App and the privacy button is not checked.
4.Viewing data collected by the application
4.1Log into
4.2Click here to view results recorded by using the app
5.Uninstalling the application from your device
5.1Click and hold the Icon and Select "Uninstall" to remove the application from your android device
6.1If you require a multi operator survey of a specific location then please contact us as we can help.
6.2When we have finished BETA testing, our App will be available from the Play Store.
6.3Feedback is always important to us so please email or give us a call
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