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10.App Versions
10.1Is there an IOS version?
10.2Not currently but we do have plans for this. We will email upon its release.
11.App Costs
11.1Is The App free?
11.2It is free to download and use. There will be limitations as to what data is available in the app for users without a mastdata licence. There are additional reports and maps for users to analyse and view the data collected on the mastdata website.
12.1Who can see the data that I collect?
12.2You can view any data collected by your app. The data collected will be used anonymously to support our signal analysis modules.
12.3Can I turn the tracking off when I want to?
12.4You can touch the eye icon at the bottom of your screen to turn the tracking off. Tracking data is anonymous when the privacy button is checked. On the website you can go to App Results and select the "Make all my data anonymous" option. Tick the box to complete the command.
13.Viewing results
13.1Where can I view my results?
13.2Log in and click here to view a range of maps and data sets with your results
13.3I've just completed a survey and there are no results?
13.4Ensure the privacy button is not checked, and your phone is connected to the internet via data services or Wi-Fi, and that the App is running.
14.Collection intervals
14.1How often will my phone collect data?
14.2if the app is live on screen then it will collect data every 30 seconds. If the app is running in the background it will collect data every 15 minutes.
15.1Does the App Collect 5G Data?
15.2The initial version does not collect 5G data, but does collect 2G,3G and 4G data. We are currently trialling the next version that collects 5G data with a suitably 5G enabled phone and SIM card and will advise when issued
16.Data Accuracy
16.1Does the data rely on GPS Signals Only? This is very important to us
16.2This depends on the setting in your android device. If your device is set to "GPS ONLY" then the results will be based on the GPS recording from your device. Android has an option of "Improve Location accuracy" which will actually reduce the accuracy of the location data as this is based on Wi-Fi and Other location signals
20.1Can I contribute data that I collect?
20.2You can contribute data collected. Ideally this would be across all 4 networks with either, 2 phones with dual Sims, or a single phone with a multi sim facility. We have partners collecting this information. If you are interested in collecting data to contribute then you could qualify for a free annual licence. Please contact admin@mastdata.com
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