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2Mastdata Licence[1] Mastdata Licence Page with users and Stats 
4Download the App[1] Playstore Link to Download the mastdata App 
7App Details and Reports[5] Android App download instructions and output ReportsApp Details and Reports
8Lcn Tracker[4] Display a list or Nearby Items based on your current location 
9User Admin[1] Mast Data Admin List of My Licence Created Sites, List of My Created Sites, List Last 100 sites viewed, List Last 100 sites viewed on My Licence, Map of My Created Sites, Map of My Licence Created Sites, Map Last 100 sites viewed, Map Last 100 sites viewed on My Licence, Mastdata Project List, My Licence Sites, My
10Add Site[1] Add a Site to appear in the listing 
11LOS and Notspots[2] Search in Maps, Line of Sight and Not Spots 
20Offered Site Summary with Rates and Map Link[1] Mastdata Offered Site Menu 
21Offered Site Map[1] Mastdata Offered Site Map 
30Mastdata Project List[2] Mastdata Project Lists for Grouping Sites into user defined pots 
50Glossary of terms[1] Glossary of terms and Abbreviations 
60LPA List[2] Local Planning Authority List 
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