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Map Ref         MtrNearest Mobile Phone MastsDescriptionLoS
Map MBNL (Three+EE) 22607 3Please Login to view address detailsProvider:Three / Site Built 111km²
Map O2 (TEF) 34515 77Please Login to view address detailsO2 UMTS Sectored 116km²
Map Three FK0014 107Please Login to view address detailsThree UMTS Sectored 99km²

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IDAdditional NotesDateSubjectMemo
407574Data Change04/08/2019MD Modified[Address_Modified_Date] AND [Address_Modified_By] Changed from '30/07/2019' And '1' And ' - Please Select -' to '04/08/2019' And '17988' And 'Admin Assistance, Mast Data'
407575Location Change04/08/2019MD_Operator_Name[MD_Operator_Name] Changed from 'Null' to 'MBNL'
407576Data Change04/08/2019Structure Height Changed[MD_Structure_Height] Changed from 'Null' to '32.50'
407577Data Change04/08/2019Decision Source Text Changed[MD_Decision_Text_Source] Changed from 'Null' to 'Grant Planning Permission'
407578Location Change04/08/2019MD_NGR_Text[MD_NGR_Text] Changed from 'Null' to 'FOI8Reviewed'
407579Location Change04/08/2019MD Easting/Northing Changed[MD_Easting]/[MD_Northing] Changed from 'Null/Null' to '293861/681437'
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