Signal Strength for Campsites in the UK

Do you enjoy caravanning and camping?

The joy of getting away from it all is getting away from it all but it’s almost impossible to not require some kind of technology at some point during your travels. Knowing that there is signal available (should you need it) can also provide peace of mind. With the Mastdata Android App you can see how the coverage looks (across the 4 networks) at planned destinations.

Great British Signal Survey

  • Q - What if my current networks coverage does not look very good at my planned destination?
    A - Being aware of this before you arrive will allow you the option of purchasing a temporary sim on a stronger network. It will also allow you to choose alternative destinations should you need to be connected at all times on your current network and number.
  • Q - Not all of the area seems to be covered and I’d like that information to be available to me or other visitors for their visits/stays?
    A - You can survey the area whilst you are there. Open the App, start the survey with a touch, put the phone away and let the phone work for you whilst you sit, stroll and take in the beauty of your surroundings.

Lorry and Haulage Drivers

Do you drive for a living? On the road day and night?

Always wondering if where you stop for the night will allow you to watch the football, Netflix, or connect to friends & family from the comfort of your cab?

With the Mastdata Android App you can now rest easy whilst staying connected.

Great British Signal Survey

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