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Version 2 of our app is now available to the public for download.

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This app will survey mobile phone signal data, and with a paid Mastdata licence can also locate existing masts and other infrastructure in the UK. It is suitable for both private and commercial use.


If you are taking a journey by foot, bicycle, car, rail or ferry you can identify signal strength and coverage along your route using the Mastdata app. You can even watch the results of the survey appearing live as you travel. You can always view survey results and mobile coverage data collected on your device even if you don't have a login. Take the journey, collect the data, and then using the app, you can go back and see the results collected by your device.

Benefits Include:
  • Viewing potential coverage in a new area if you are looking to move home or office
  • Identifying a suitable alternative where fibre broadband is not available
  • Potential coverage for future outdoor events/activities

With a login, you can view the data you collected across multiple devices. This would be useful if you ever reinstalled the app or upgraded your phone and wanted to keep your data available.


If you would like to use the additional tools that we have to offer and don’t yet have an account with us then it’s easy to set one up and subscribe. With a paid account, viewing what's around you is popular, so your own postcode could be an initial search.

Subscribed Benefits Include:
  • Access to all the existing services on our website through the app
  • Infrastructure location data includes Mobile Phone Base Stations, Offered Sites and British Telecom (BT) Exchanges
  • Search for Base station by Site Reference, Town, Postcode or Lat/Lng
  • Planning Application site including Drawings where available
  • Base station A to B Line of Site and Potential coverage Maps
  • Actual Base station Coverage maps when surveyed using the app
  • Regional analysis of coverage for local districts, towns or Council Boroughs.
  • Identifying suitable locations for remotely located GPS monitoring devices like Solar Farms or CCTV, etc.
  • Site directions and street view images using Google Maps
  • Additional information is available for individual masts including operator, Site Ref an Name, AMSL/AGL and Line of Sight summary

New and Upcoming Improvements

At Mastdata, we always strive to improve the services that we offer.

For example, we constantly review the feedback we receive and make improvements to our software accordingly.

We've recently released a whole host of new and improved services with our latest Android app roll-out.

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