1.1Who can use the Mastdata LPA Module?
1.2The Module is designed for local planning authorities and delegated contractors.
2.1What does the LPA module provide us with?
2.2Radial LOS, 1KM grid LOS, A>B LOS, Population UPRN count, Mast Register, LPA Map (public and internal), Change Request option, Application Input option, Planning Register, and survey results across the 4 networks gathered through our Android App.
3.1What is the cost?
3.2The setup costs are £800.00 and the annual costs are between £655.00 and £3055 depending on size of the Authority.
5.1How many employees are allowed access to the LPA Portal?
5.2The licence will cover user logins for all the Planning Authority staff.
8.1How often can I generate these reports and can they be printed?
8.2The reports are generated instantly and can be run on current and existing applications. The report can by printed or converted to a pdf for uploading to the LPA website.
9.1Can we be sure that all the masts are on your database?
9.2Our address data is created and updated from a number of sources. Click here for more details.
10.1There are gaps in the signal survey data, how can we fix this?
10.2You can survey the area yourself, generate interest through Social Media, or request a quote from us to assist with this directly.
11.1Can we survey all 4 Networks at the same time and does it include 5G masts?
11.2You will need 2 dual sim devices to survey all 4 operators, and our app does not currently identify 5g signals.
12.1Do you offer a survey service and if so at what price?
12.2Yes, the price will vary depending on the size of the LPA Authority.