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0Towns Surveyed[1] Towns Surveyed 
4Download the App[1] Playstore Link to Download the mastdata App 
8Lcn Tracker[4] Display a list or Nearby Items based on your current location 
10Add Site[1] Add a Site to appear in the listing 
20Offered Site Summary with Rates and Map Link[1] Mastdata Offered Site Menu 
21Offered Site Map[1] Mastdata Offered Site Map 
50Glossary of terms[1] Glossary of terms and Abbreviations 
60LPA List[2] Local Planning Authority List 
1Edit User Settings[1] Edit user name, password or preferences 
2Your Licence Details[1] Mastdata Licence Page with users and Stats (only applicable to users with a paid licence) 
7App Details and Reports[11] Android App download instructions and output ReportsApp Details and Reports
11LOS and Notspots[2] Search in Maps, Line of Sight and Not Spots 
30Mastdata Project List[2] Mastdata Project Lists for Grouping Sites into user defined pots 
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