Line of Sight Tool
Line of Sight Tool for a 4g Antenna

When it comes to planning mobile infrastructure all the information you need is at your fingertips with Mastdata’s Line of Sight tool. You can see forecast mobile coverage for new and existing antenna, as well as the potential number of properties covered by each mast, helping operators, mobile broadband operators and site owners alike. Mastdata’s MD, Jonathan Spratt explains more.

We introduced our Line of Sight (Los) tool three years ago. This tool provides forecast mobile coverage for new and existing antenna. Since then, it has continually evolved, and now has some great new features.

Technology and frequencies

Our LoS calculations are now based on in the Friis Equation using Frequency / Technology and Antenna Power, mast height and land topography. This provides a map-based output of the received power from an antenna at some distance given a transmission frequency and antenna gains. This can be compared to the data collected from our android app, to ensure the calculations match closest to the actual signal strength received by mobile device users.

Unique property references covered by the mast

Our LoS tool also now identifies the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) count that is potentially covered by each mast. It can be applied to existing masts, new masts or planning applications. This provides a key indicator for a mast, indicating the number of properties covered.

For site owners, it will provide an inherent value for the site and for operators and mobile broadband providers, it identifies the value of installing new transmission masts and antennas in the optimal locations.

Optimal location for new masts

The LoS tool can be repositioned and recalculated at any given point to explore the optimal locations for new masts. These tools are part of a range of services provided with a Subscribed Licence.

Free demonstration

We would be happy to demonstrate how these new features work, and we can focus specifically on an area you are familiar with so you can see the Power of the Line of Sight tool in action. If you would like a demonstration, then please contact us on

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Android app

The Mastdata android app will survey mobile phone signal data, and with a paid Mastdata licence can also locate existing masts and other infrastructure in the UK. It is suitable for both private and commercial use. Download the app at the Google play store.

Useful glossary

  • UPRN - The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is a unique numeric identifier for every spatial address in Great Britain.
  • LoS - The imaginary line between an observer and the target. In communication, line of sight is the direct path from a transmitter to the receiver and the obstructions that may fall in that path
  • Friis - The Friis Transmission Equation is used to calculate the power received from one antenna, when transmitted from another antenna, separated by a given distance and frequency
  • Topography - The underlying foundation of the land surface. For example, mountains, valleys, rivers, or craters on the surface.