Local Planning Authority Services

This module provides Local Planning Authorities easy access to quality mast and mobile telecoms data. It will allow Planning Departments to challenge mobile telecom applications by providing the relevant information to assist with an informed decision.

The result will be fewer masts, more shared masts, and better coverage with existing infrastructure.

We offer the following four Services for Local Planning Authorities.

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Planning Authority Mast Register

Map of Masts Within a Planning Authority

  • An interactive map to display telecoms infrastructure within the LPA.
  • Including masts, Planning Applications and Regulation 5 Notifications where available.
  • Tools and processes for collecting feedback and data corrections.
  • An optional plug in map for hosting on the LPA website.
LPA Determination Tool

Planning Determination for Telecoms Applications

  • A Self Service report to assist Planning Departments in determining planning application outcomes
  • Including full access to the mastdata website for further information as required.
  • Click here for our Planning Authority FAQ's.
  • Click here to download a sample application report
Not-spot Map

Complete LPA Signal Survey

  • Complete Survey of LPA to Identify Mobile Signal Strength
  • Data will be included in the Planning Determination Reports
  • Results will be available to the Emergency Services if required
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