Local Planning Authority Services

We offer 4 Services for Local Planning Authorities.

Coverage Map

Planning Determination for Telecoms Applications

  • A Self Service report to assist Planning Departments in determining planning application outcomes
  • Including full access to the mastdata website for further information as required.
Line of Sight Map

Planning Authority Mast Regsister

  • Provision of a Mast Register with the Local Planning Authority
  • Online interface to maintain and Update the Register
  • Plug in option for hosting on the LPA website.
Not-spot Map

Map of Masts Within a Planning Authority

  • Plug in map for hosting on the LPA website.
  • Tools and processes for collecting public feedback for data corrections
  • Including masts, Planning Applications and Regulation 5 Notifications where available
Not-spot Map

Complete LPA Signal Survey

  • Complete Survey of LPA to Identify Mobile Signal Strength
  • Data will be included in the Planning Determination Reports
  • Results will be availble to the Emergency Services if required
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