We provide independent multi-operator network analysis with scope to enable Mobile Network Operators to collaborate. Our geographical analytics include not-spot identification, live coverage, network consolidation, site proximity and A>B line of sight (LoS).

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Core Services

  • Infrastructure location data includes Mobile Phone Base Stations, Offered Sites and British Telecom (BT) Exchange
  • Search for Base Station by Site Reference, Town, Postcode or Lat/Lng for Desktop Surveys
  • All UK Telecom related Local Planning Application records including site Planning Drawings, correspondence and outcome/determination where available
  • Radial Propagation map using Friis transmission formula based on power, line of sight and transmitter frequency
  • Line of Sight A>B Line of sight between multiple existing masts and infrastructure (suitable for dishlinks)
  • Unique Property referencing (UPRN) to identify the population and demographics for each mast
  • Best Network Operator Report based on App Signal Data
  • A>B “Route finder” across multiple sites for extended dish links
  • Mast Location finder based on collected signal Strength from our App
  • Regional coverage analysis for local districts, towns or Council Boroughs based on actual phone signals, split by 2g/3g/4g/5g and operator (MCC/MNC)
  • Forecast & actual coverage from existing and proposed sites based on actual phone signals collected using the Mastdata App (MCC/MNC/LAC/CID)
  • Network Planning – potential coverage for BT Exchanges with masts at variable heights
  • Potential Not-Spot identification across single or multiple operators
  • Identifying suitable locations for remote GPS monitoring devices including Solar Farms, CCTV and other telemetry device
  • Additional information for individual masts including maps, operator, Site Ref and Name, AMSL/AGL and Line of Sight summary
  • 5G Coverage calculations based on existing or/and proposed infrastructure
  • LAC/CID Location Finder for use by Police and the emergency services
  • Offered sites and locations for potential future installations and existing sites with upgrade potential
  • Additional Modules for Police to assist with missing persons and a Self Service report to assist LPA’s in determining planning applications
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Android App

  • Single or multiple operator Surveying with online maps to view results
  • Access to all the existing services on our website
  • Locating and driving directions to existing telecoms sites for Site Surveys, upgrade work and maintenance
  • Regional analysis of coverage for local districts, towns or Council Boroughs
  • Potential coverage for moving home, office or outdoor events/activities
  • Identifying a suitable alternative where fibre broadband is not available
  • Survey existing public transport infrastructure including rail, ferry and bus routes
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Bespoke Services Include

  • Analysis of a client site portfolio for signal coverage, line of sight and infrastructure proximity
  • UK Mast Data Sets - including A>B LoS, LoS coverage and proximity statistics and bespoke calculations
  • “What if” Impacts for optimising network and site location
  • Local Planning Authority services to publically share and map LPA mast registers
  • Local Planning Authority reports and analysis to enable informative Planning Application determination
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