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Adding a new site to mastdata.com

Our mast and tower data is created and updated from a number of sources, and user data is important to us. We provide updated calculations for coverage and line of sight (LoS) to other installations for any new accurate data provided. Sites added by licenced users will appear immediately in the listings, other sites will be reviewed before they are listed to ensure accuracy and data integrity. Duplicated sites will be not be added, although any additional information supplied will be transferred to current entries on our database. Submissions can include existing or proposed telecommunications infrastructure, or planning applications relating to mobile telecommunications.

Supplied data should include the following details
  • Operator/carrier
  • Site reference number and/or name
  • Location - eastings/northings, or latitude/longitude
  • Mast height where available - we will assume a 15m height if not supplied or known
  • Any additional information you may feel is relevant

Uploading/Adding Multiple Sites

If you have a number of sites to add, you can upload the source document here. Click [Choose File] then [Upload File]. We will then review and add the sites. All common file types are supported.


Uploading/Adding a Single Site

Use the following form to add a single site to our database. Simply complete the fields below and click the Submit button. If you do not know the reference number, or the site does not currently have a reference, please use the Postcode as the reference number.

Reference Number  
Site Name  
Mast Height (m)    

Mast missing? Click here to add sites