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Offered Sites

Our site features first in Google searches and attracts thousands of hits each day. Our unique LoS (Line of Sight) and other analysis tools will enable potential customers to view numerous advantages of developing your site. Two of these are prospective coverage and other masts they can link to. This is something that only we offer alongside offered sites. It also allows you to gain an idea as to how valuable your site is to yourself and prospective network operators.

Details Required for the Listing

Where you are ready to proceed, we will require the following information; new offered sites can be added here.   Once we have received these details we will upload your site onto www.mastdata.com where it will become live and notify you of this. We will send you a link and a licence key to your site so then all you need to do is choose the right deal for you. We are always on hand to help so please contact us if you have any questions.

Listing Options

Sites will be listed for free on the basis that we would recieve 25% of the first years rental income which applies only to enquiries made through our website. Alternatively sites can be listed for an annual fee as shown below.

Cost Per offered Site % of 1st Years Rental Income Annually
Single Site 25% £25.00
Additional Sites 25% £2.95
No of Sites % of 1st Years Rental Income Annually
1 25% £25.00
10 25% £51.55
50 25% £169.55
100 25% £317.05
500 25% £1497.05
1000 25% £2,972.05
5000 25% £14,772.05
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