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2.0 Application (LPA) Ref 2022/0419/LDP
8.0 Instruction Type Certificate of Lawfulness - Proposed Installation of 15m tower with 3 dish antennas and ancillary equipment within operational substation.
9.0 Operator/Applicant Electricity NW
10.0 Agent Capita
11.0 Status/Decision Decided
12.0 Agent Name Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd
12.0 Alternative Reference PP-11168884
12.0 Appeal Decision Not Available
12.0 Appeal Status Unknown
12.0 Application Type Lawful Development Cert. (proposed)
12.0 Decision Cert of Lawfulness (PROPOSED) Permitted
12.0 Status Decided
13.0 Decision Unknown
15.0 Plan Type Planning
16.0 Main URL View Application on West Lancashire Website (External Link)
23.0 Map View Site with masts Map of Application with additional local masts
26.0 MAP URL View Map on West Lancashire Website
28.0 Project No CS052817-MCT126
31.1 Friis Radial Line of Sight [BETA] Friis Line of Sight Map - Radial [BETA]
31.2 Radial Line of Sight [BETA] Line of Sight Map - Radial [BETA]
31.5 Spatial:Unitary Region West Lancashire District (B)
31.5 Spatial:Historic County Lancashire
35.0 Document URL View Documents/Drawings on West Lancashire Website
37.0 RT/GF/SW Greenfield
38.0 Pico/Micro/Macro Dish
43.1 Address , Tarleton Sub Station Rear Of 263 Hesketh Lane Tarleton Preston Lancashire PR4 6RH, PR4 6RH
46.0 Location Good Accuracy (Direct user Entry)
50.0 Planning Authority Map and summary for West Lancashire telecoms applications
53.0 AMSL/AGL 16m(AMSL) 14.40m(AGL) 30.40m(AMSL+AGL)
54.2 Nearest UPRN 100010670904
55.0 Start/End Apr 7 2022 12:00AM / Jun 10 2022 12:00AM
58.0 View Addition Masts View map with all masts at this location
70.0 Site Built? Add to Database Click here to Add this Site to mastdata.com
80.0 Support Ticket 23609:Scraped DATA FOI9

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