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FAQ - Data Accuracy and Updates

1.Keeping our Site Details Accurate
1.1Our address data is created and updated from a number of sources. Data is checked before inclusion in our site. Our data sources include, but is not limited to the following:
2.Data Sources
2.1Data from ofcom which has been extensively corrected
2.3A rolling review of Local Planning Authorities (LPA's) for the latest telecommunication Planning Applications
2.4.1Sites added by, or corrected by Registered Users
2.4.2Sites added by, or corrected by non-registered users. These are all reviewed by mastdata before inclusion in our site
2.5Bulk uploads provided by registered users based on known Rollout work plans
2.6Bulk uploads provided by non-registered users. These are extensively checked and corroborated before inclusion in our database
2.7Third Party mapping organisations
2.8Additional public domain data relating to telecoms masts and signal data from trusted sources
2.9Feedback and signal data collected from our App
2.10New Rollout - Data collected and updated using the LPA Services Module - Mast Registers updates, user feedback and Planning Applications using the Planning Determination Tools.
3.Approving data change requests
3.1Changes for additional new sites or modification of existing sites are reviewed by a member of our team through our Creq (Change Request) Module. The decision to accept additions or amendments are based on a scoring system which includes:
3.1.1 The credibility and history of the of the data supplier
3.1.2 Existing LPA planning data
3.1.3 Visibility on Google Street view and/or Bing aerial view
4.Contribute Data
4.1If you have a number of sites to add, you can upload the source document here. We will authenticate and merge any submissions into our existing dataset.
5.1Please click here to view our general terms related to the supply of data.

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