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Line of Site and Not Spot Identification

1.Line Of Sight Modules
1.2You will need to be logged in with a current Licence to see many of the links in this Article.
1.3We provide an independent line of sight (LoS) module for any mast, or combination of masts.
1.4These reports can be accessed from the Main Mast Detail Page
1.5Click here to view a sample mast Site (Licence Required)
2.Single Site LoS Coverage
2.1Single Site LoS Coverage Description
2.2Click here to view a single mast LoS example over a 1km Grid
2.3Click here to view a single mast radial LoS example
2.4This Provides Forecast and Actual Coverage
2.5Forecast Coverage is based on our Line of Sight Calculation, with coverage of up to 7km. Large Green Markers indicate coverage within 4km, Amber Markers Indicate coverage between 4k and 7 km. Coverage over 7km in only available as a bespoke service.
2.6Actual Coverage - Based on data collected from out Android App. This data is currently a bespoke Service as the LAC and CID data needs to linked manually to and existing Mast. This data is currently identified as the smaller markers, and indicate coverage from green (Good) through Amber (Average) and Red (Poor)
3.A>B Line of Sight Between Multiple Existing Masts
3.1Suitable for Indentifying potential Dish links
3.2Click here to view an A>B Line of Sight example
3.3This display ass Potential dish link based on A and B End Mast Height. Parameter can be adjusted within the map
3.3.1Pitch: Pitch in Degrees above the Horizon, this will change the Dish Link from Red to Green based on the Clearance Above the Horizon
3.3.2Exclude: Excludes masts from the map with clearance below the pitch in degrees
3.3.3Min(m): Minimum Distance to masts with LoS in metres
3.3.4Max(m): Maximum Distance to masts with LoS in metres
3.3.5Count: The Number of A&B end Line of sights to be displayed on the on the map - it will exclude the most distance results first
3.3.6Carrier: (Optional) The B End Mobile Operator, VF, O2, EE, BT, O2
4.A>B Line of Sight Elevation Between 2 Existing Masts
4.1Detailed analysis of ground elevation between 2 existing masts
4.2Click here to view an A>B Line of Sight Elevation example
102.Line of Sight Combination and Overlays - Bespoke Reports
102.3Multiple mast line of site for a single operator overlaid with mast locations
102.4Network Planning: The line of sight if all BT Exchanges construct masts at 20m
102.5Potential "Not Spot" identification across single or multiple operators
104.Sample Screenshots
104.1Samples of the Line of Sight Module

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