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Mad Monthly Mastdata Challenge

To be in with the chance of winning a limited edition Mastdata thermo bottle simply spot a gap on the Map, open the app and run a survey to fill the gap.

How to take part

First go to Online Services in The App and follow the Mastdata Survey Competition instructions. For surveys to be counted in the competition you must also ensure that the ‘Make my settings anonymous’ box in Settings is NOT ticked, then check the coverage maps to see where there are gaps and then head out to that area with a signal survey running and survey the area.

The competition runs from the first to the last day of each month and the winner will be the top surveyor who fills the most gaps on the map in any given month.

Checking your progress

Participants can check their progress on the leader board which can be found in the app under Online Services. Each participant will be given a unique username to protect their identity. Only they will see their own name.

Ts & Cs

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Person Graphic
Fantastic app. As a long distance lorry driver I could be parked up for 9 to 24 hours at a time, this app has helped me pick out certain hotspots of where to park and where not to park..... Great coverage up on windy hill, but still working on the Met Office to sort that wind out.
John Miller - 9th November 2020
Person Graphic
Really easy to use, so interesting to watch signal changes on the fly which is a massive bonus from the old version! This version is awesome, not had any issues so far! Great looking too.
Ella Walker - 10th June 2020
Person Graphic
It wasn’t clear to me exactly how to use the app at first but I emailed the company and they were very helpful. Talked me through it all!
Ben Herrington - 11th June 2020

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Directional Coverage

Directional Coverage

Regional coverage and signal strength collected using the android app

Line of Sight

Line of Sight

A to B line of sight between multiple existing masts and infrastructure



Potential Not-Spot identification across single or multiple operators

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