Multiple operator summary of mobile coverage in Kirkliston, a village in City of Edinburgh, Scotland. Kirkliston is in the Scotland region of the UK, within the City of Edinburgh Local Planning Authority.

Signal Survey Data

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* Signal strength in dBμV/m (dB-microvolts per metre) ranked best to worst. A smaller result indicates a BETTER Signal Strength.
  • A missing Operator or Technology may indicate Kirkliston has not been surveyed.
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Mast Location Data

Number of masts within 1km, 3km, 5km and 7km of Kirkliston

H3G 3 9 22 42
EE 1 12 28 56
O2 1 19 35 65
VF 1 18 34 70
  • The number of masts does not necessarily correlate to good signal coverage.

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Questions and Answers
  • Do I have to sign up and pay?
    You don’t have to register and it’s free to use
  • Will I see the mast details?
    No, but you will see the signal coverage that the masts transmits. Masts and their specifics are only available with a paid licence
  • Will I always see signal coverage results at my destination?
    No - coverage will only be visible if you, or another app user has already surveyed the location. After you have surveyed a location, the coverage results are usually available within minutes – it’s quite satisfying to see the results.
  • How does it work and what is the aim?
    You can stop & start the survey whenever you choose. Once started it will happily run in the background so there is no need for any further action. The App collects and collates your chosen networks signal strength as you move, with the aim of building a complete picture of UK coverage. Your specific journey data remains private to you whilst the signal survey contributes to the UK coverage map which is then available to all users.
  • Not all of the area seems to be covered?
    You can survey the area yourself. Open the App, start the survey with a touch, put the phone away and let the phone work for you.
  • Is there an IOS version?
    Not currently but we do have plans for this.

Please note..

We are independent and do not own or operate any masts. We cannot advise, or answer, questions on mast applications, locations or performance issues.